Friday, April 18, 2008

Program Highlight: The Future of Child Abuse Prevention

With the conference only 29 days away(!) we’d like to highlight another unique feature that we’re excited about: the panel discussion on the future of child abuse prevention taking place during the opening plenary session on May 19th. We hope you will join us for this opportunity to hear from expert panelists from the fields of health, policy, communications, and economics as they explore some of the following questions and more:

•What will families look like in 25 years – any demographic changes, how they will be living, how they will be structured? How will the changes taking place in the world impact families and prevention?

•What systems/supports should be in place to achieve positive family outcomes?

•What have been some key factors influencing families in the past? What might they be in the future?

•What skills will children and parents need that may be different than what they are now?

•What will be the big issues? War, health, environment, education, technology? How do we prepare for that? How might these factors impact families positively or negatively?

This will all be connected by the perspective of a futurist who is trained to think about how future events should impact our current thinking and planning. It is our intention that this event will stimulate critical thinking and lively discussions long after the session has ended, and we hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are!

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This blog represents our forum's voice to pursue and to bring to the public's attention all people/organizations/firms that have advertently / inadvertently supported child abuse directly or indirectly. We request everybody concerned to come forth and assist our initiative to expose offenders.